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Is IXQTV Legal?

Watching TV content streamed over the internet is legal. However, it is not legal to download or record any material that is copyrighted. Some IPTV services stream content from servers that have recorded the content, and many times the content is copyrighted. Even though you are watching it as it as streamed, such as a movie-on-demand, since someone had to record the content in order for you to be able to watch it, copyright laws may have been violated. That is why IXQTV does not have any VOD content. As for the streamed content, the aggregator of the content that ixqTV uses purchases content from the content owners through arrangements known in the industry as "carriage deals". The rates the aggregator pays for the right to stream this content are determined by a fee scale based on how many customers will be viewing the content. Because the aggregator is licensed to stream the content through these carriage deals with the various content owners, and because IXQTV does n…

What Is Needed to Make this work

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What Is IXQTV?


What is Streaming TV?

Streaming television (or streaming TV) is the digital distribution of television content, such as TV shows, as streaming video delivered over the Internet. Streaming TV stands in contrast to dedicated terrestrial television delivered by over-the-air aerial systems, cable television, and/or satellite television systems. History The mid 2000s were the beginning of television programs becoming available via the Internet. ITunes began offering select television programs and series in 2005, available for download after direct payment. The video-sharing site YouTube also launched in 2005 allowing users to share illegally posted television programs.

A few years later television networks and other independent services began creating sites where shows and programs could be streamed online.

Amazon Video began in the United States as Amazon Unbox in 2006, but did not launch worldwide until 2016.Netflix, a website originally created for DVD rentals and sales began providing streaming content i…

Cord-cutting 101: How to quit cable for online streaming video

Streaming is hotter than ever these days, with on-demand services such as Netflix and Hulu, along with a litany of live TV streaming services such as Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and PlayStation Vue, all attempting to capitalize on the cord-cutting phenomenon. Channels and hit series once strictly bound by the confines of cable can now be accessed for a smaller monthly fee with no contract, no equipment rentals, and no crappy customer service to deal with. Add in free HD broadcasts and there’s never been a better time to kick cable to the curb.

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TV rate hikes: Why cable bills are rising again and what can you do

NEW YORK — Cable and satellite TV providers are ringing in the new year with an unwelcomed gift: higher cable bills. Comcast, for instance, says customer bills will rise 2.2%, on average, in 2018. AT&T is raising DirecTV's prices by up to $8 a month in mid-January. Smaller providers are planning increases, too. Over the past decade, prices for TV service have risen almost twice as fast as inflation, according to an analysis of government data. Data provider S&P Global Market Intelligence says customers' cable and satellite TV bills have soared 53% since 2007, to $100.98 in 2017. Annual rate hikes are as guaranteed as death and taxes. But you can push back and trim your bill.

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